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9 Ways To Maximize eBay Bids

maximize ebay bidsContinuously generating greater profits is a primary aim for all business owners. On eBay, one of the best ways to increase your income is to maximize your buyers bids. There are some very simple ways to improve eBay sales.

The bidding process does seem to follow certain trends, and overall, eBay buyers tend to respond to similar things.

There are 9 major factors that inspire buyers bid on certain auctions over others and how to sell online successfully. Get ready, because I'm about to reveal all of them exclusively to you!

1. A professional, detailed description of the product that is being auctioned is a huge reason why people choose to bid on one auction over another.

If you are auctioning popular products like electronics, handbags, or collectibles make sure that you are not lacking in your auctions professional and detailed description. Listing with plenty of detail always attract more bidders than those which do not.

2. Clear photographs. You want to make sure that the product can be viewed easily and that a fair amount of the detail can be captured. Make sure that any detail you cannot capture by picture is thoroughly described in words.

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3. An honest description of the item. Be honest and forthright about the condition of the product you are selling if it is used. This will work in your favor when buyers place feedback.

If the item is not as described, they are likely to say so. A good feedback score means that even more buyers are willing to buy from you. Point out even the smallest imperfections such as a small scratch on a refurbished camera.

4. Give response to negative feedback. Buyers do not expect you to be perfect and sometimes you simply cannot make everybody happy.

Make sure that you respond with professional and reasonable words to feedback that is not favorable. People will appreciate that you addressed the situation. It shows that your business is very important to you.

5. Consider using a reserve for your auction. Reserves will help you guarantee a minimum profit and when you put your reserve at an acceptable price for buyers it will be met.

When reserves are set too high they will not work in your favor, so remember to be realistic.

6. If you have multiple numbers of the same product offer lucrative incentives like free shipping or buy now for a certain price opportunities.

Those incentives often help create a sense of urgency and that will make people bid sooner rather than holding off until the last moment. They also set you part from competitors and make your listings much more appealing.

7. Gauge the length of your auction according to the product you are selling. The higher priced the items the longer your auction should run.

Big ticket items typically require more thought, detail, and perhaps financial planning for a person to place a bid. You want to make sure that you give potential buyers the opportunity to place a bid.

maximize profits on ebay8. If you are running your auctions through your own eBay store creation, try and make your store one that is based on similar items. Do not sell something like sprinklers and cameras together.

Try to offer a multiple variety of items that may complement each. People will bid on more of your items and more often, and you will become a go-to place for past buyers which is great for maintaining repeat customers.

9. Communicate with buyers quickly when they have questions. Buyers will always appreciate a prompt response, and it will show that you are a serious about good customer service.


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