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6 Mistakes that eBay Sellers Make

mistakes that ebay sellers makeGetting fewer bids on eBay could mean that you’re not doing the right thing. There are some mistakes that most sellers make in selling. If you want to know some of them, then consider the following.

6 mistakes that eBay sellers make

Unattractive title

This is one of the most common mistakes that most sellers make from selling. As a seller on eBay, you ought to use 53 characters for your products. Use them all and try to be creative.

Do not use boring titles for your products but rather create something new and interesting. Keep in mind that the title is the first thing that most people look at. So be sure to create a good impression to your customers from browsing your page.

Avoid spelling errors

This is one of the 6 mistakes that eBay sellers make. Spelling errors give bad impressions. If the spelling of your products is wrong, you are sure to get fewer bids. So before you post the characters on eBay, you have to make sure to run spellchecker. You can also read the descriptions of your product after making a post.

Poor listings

Many people take this for granted when selling on eBay. If you have excellent listings on eBay, you are sure to get high traffic. And when you generate high traffic, you get a chance to get tons of sales. EBay has many tools that can help you with your listings.

Adding a simple design can make a huge difference. If you know how to make your listings attractive, you are sure to create big impact on eBay.

High starting price

correcting mistakes in ebay sellingThis is another one of the 6 mistakes that eBay sellers make. You don’t have to start big when selling on eBay. Starting small is ideal, especially if this is your first time to sell on eBay.

This will also avoid you from losing plenty of money from buying lots of stocks.

Inserting poor quality pictures

A picture can say a thousand words. So make sure to include high quality pictures for your products. Do not just upload pictures from the internet. Always download real pictures. If this means that you have to spend money from buying a camera, then do so.

Poor feedback score

Some people say that it doesn’t matter if you have poor feedback score. Well, to tell you the truth, it does matter. Poor scores will make customers intimidated to do business with you. And this will result to lesser traffic and lesser sales.

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