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4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Use Animations In Your eBay Auctions

why shouldn't use animationsNovice sellers on eBay, and generally sellers who are not confident, often like to make their auction listings more vivid and exciting.

They are terrified by the possibility that buyers may easily get bored with their listings and therefore shun them with disinterest.

Therefore, they reason that if they spice up their auction listings with a couple of animations – blinking graphics that change color, spin around and bounce all over the page – they might just catch the attention of potential buyers and increase the chances of closing a sale.

Or sometimes, it is just that the seller is a techie who loves to play around with graphics and therefore tries a few unusual effects on his seller’s page.

No matter what the reason may be, animations on an auction page are simply not a clever idea and here are the reasons why:

1. Animations are big distractions. Instead of drawing attention to the sale item in your auction, animations actually distract the potential buyer’s focus away. So the visitor ends up watching where a bouncing ball falls or bubbles flying through the sky.

In fact, your aim is to grab the visitor’s attention and getting them asking themselves, ‘do I really want to buy this accessory or not? Distractions are not good for your PayPal balance.

2. If you have a slight idea of how the web works, you would know that graphics make a page load slower. Thus, animations on your auction page will make it load at snail speed. If a user is on a dial-up connection – usually slower – then loading your animated page may take an eternity and, you can bet on this, they can never wait.

using animation in ebayAccording to various studies, the average internet user spends only 7 seconds on a webpage before he swiftly moves on to the next available page. Remember, you will not make a sale if your sales page ‘keeps loading’.

3. Whether you like to admit it or not, it takes several minutes before one finally decides to use animations. You could as well have used that time to craft better and more eye-catching copy – one that will turn a potential customer into a real buyer. Individuals who have astute business acumen understand the value of each second of the clock and spend it on the things that are more likely to bring a sale.

4. You’ve probably seen those annoying animated ads that pop up on certain web pages. Potential buyers receive the same amount of irritation on your animated auction page. The fact is that animations are downright nauseating.

There are not many people out there (if any) that enjoy the sight of blinking, twirling and whirling screen. Animations of messages that follow up and down one side of the screen (usually left) regardless of where you’re looking are particularly annoying, let alone mouse-trailing graphics.

Sellers need to understand that potential buyers need not be exposed to the slightest kind of obstruction. Unless your target customers are graphic designers, avoid animations in your eBay auctions.

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