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Common Forum Marketing Mistakes

forum marketing mistakesOne of the best and most respectable ways to find and engage people interested in your niche is through Forum Marketing.

Because people who converge in forums share common interests, you can easily source huge amounts of targeted traffic from forums, free of charge. This is one of the best things about forums.

The key thing with forum marketing is that you need to constantly keep an eye on which forums to post on time and again.

Search for popular forums that are centered around your niche. You don’t have to look so far for clues. Start by asking people around you – colleagues, employees, suppliers, or customers – which forums online communities they spend much time on.

If you aim at the wrong forums, you’ll be wasting your efforts. Find a forum that is directly related to your niche and you can get free traffic to your auction listings.

The following are some common mishaps you should avoid in forum marketing:

Avoid getting offended

It’s very important never to get offended in a forum, or if you do, keep it to yourself. There’s really no point in getting offended just because one member disagrees with you. It really serves no purpose. Possibly, you could engage in an argument perpetually, assuring them how they are wrong and you are right, but eventually, you’re not likely to succeed in convincing them to change their minds.

When such moments arise, keep reminding yourself why you are in the forum. You went there for business purposes, nothing more. Note that when it is time for business, there cannot be room for personal feelings and emotions. In any case, not every member will agree with your views, so, the sooner you get over it the better. 

Avoid being offensive

effective forum marketingNaturally, when we get offended, we feel the urge to fire back with hopeless rhetoric. In a forum, this is a sure way to undo all the efforts and hard work you’ve invested into your marketing endeavors.

Again, you have to remember that this is a business. Think about this: would you react angrily to a customer or potential customer of your service or product?

Mind your grammar

This may seem like something minor but it has a profound effect on how people perceive you. To start with, people on forums are usually very knowledgeable, elaborate and expressive in that particular niche or subject and they spend a good number of hours engaging each other on that subject, often in clear, expressive and correct grammar.

If you want to stand out (every one looking for business opportunities wants to) but it’s your poor grammar that makes you stand out, you will not be able to convince your audience that you have a quality service or product to offer.

Good grammar makes you appear professional, and ‘fit in’. You will also find it easier to convince potential buyers in perfect language.

Then finally, never use affiliate links

You can include your website URL in your signature but posting an affiliate link in a forum isn’t something you should consider. Most people will see this as black hat and therefore will desist from working with you. You are in the forum to build trust and relationships. Because eventually, people tend to buy from people they feel connected to.

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