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Change Feedback at eBay

how to change feedback on ebayAs you might know, eBay feedback makes or breaks a seller’s credibility, and therefore is directly related to the success rate of the seller.

And if you’ve ever been on eBay, either as a casual visitor or a regular buyer, you probably know how the feedback system works.

EBay encourages buyers to leave feedback for seller when a transaction ends, and vice versa. As the feedback accumulates, you receive ratings accordingly. By building credibility as an ebay seller, you can get more sales.

A buyer can give positive, negative or neutral feedback. Sometimes, you may want to alter the feedback you left. You cannot delete or change positive feedback you left; however, it is possible to add ‘follow-up’ remarks to it. It is also possible to make an upgrade of a negative or neutral feedback when the seller makes a request.

It is important for a seller to maintain a cordial relationship with a buyer even after a transaction is through, for the sole purpose of creating a good impression on them. Even if a buyer gets exactly the item he wanted but did not have a good relationship with the seller, they are likely to leave feedback that will not benefit the seller.

How to add follow-up remarks to your original feedback

follow up feedbacks on ebay1. Log into your account and browse to your FeedBack Profile area (or to eBay’s FeedBack Forum). To locate the link for your FeedBack Profile, go to the ‘My eBay’ page, then browse to ‘Shortcuts’ and then click on ‘Leave FeedBack’.

2. On the FeedBack Forum page, locate the ‘Follow up to a FeedBack left’ link and click on it – look either on the right side of the page or at the bottom in case the FeedBack Profile page is on the left.

3. On the page that displays, look for the transaction whose feedback you want to follow-up with a remark. A list of every transaction you’ve made should be there. Once you’ve found that particular transaction, click on ‘Follow Up’ in the ‘Action’ column.

4. Write your follow-up remark in the provided box and click ‘Leave Follow-up Comment’.

How to change a Neutral or Negative Comment

1. Get in touch with the seller and ask him to send a revision request, if he has not yet done so. To contact any eBay member by message, log into the ‘My eBay’ page and go to the ‘Messages’ tab. In the column on the left hand side of the page, click on ‘Find and contact member’. You will be prompted to enter seller details to locate him. When you’ve found the seller, send him a message.

2. When you receive an email from the seller for a revision request, click ‘Accept request’.

3. To change the rating that displays on the eBay FeedBack page, find the applicable button and click on it. You should note that a neutral rating cannot be converted to a negative rating. You may also want to revise the comments in the box.

4. Assign the transaction the suitable number of stars; five depicts the best experience and zero represents the worst experience.

5. To review the changes you’ve made and edit where necessary, click on ‘Revise Feedback’. Click on ‘Confirm’ to commit your changes.

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