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Buying Liquidation, Surplus and Closeout Merchandise To Sell on eBay

buying liquidation goods for ebayA lot of eBay sellers occasionally buy closeout or overstocked merchandise and then resell it. If you’re very astute, you can earn huge profits from reselling closeout merchandise.

There are various reasons why merchandise ends up with closeout dealers. Sometimes it is simply because it just couldn’t sell in a store – in which case you will want to avoid such merchandize.

You should go for merchandize that failed to sell for money reasons – not because the merchandize wasn’t good enough.

Here are a few examples:

• Goods that are seasonal

• Bankruptcy or store closing

• Older goods replaced by newer goods

• Non-defect or warranty returns after holidays

‘Closeout’ dealers are one of the best places to source for good deals on merchandize. These outfits are also known as Liquidators.

Majority of the wholesale merchandize arrives brand new from wholesalers. Nonetheless, merchants dealing in ‘closeouts’ may sell brand new merchandize, for instance items got from overstocks. In addition, closeout merchandize dealers may at times deal in used and returned items.

Advantages of closeout merchandize

There are two key benefits of buying closeout merchandize. The first advantage is that closeout merchandize is cheap. You can generally get products at rates that are far cheaper than if you had obtained them from a non-closeout vendor. You’ll find that the products are of high quality but prices are heavily cut for clearance.

Then items can usually be sold off on eBay or at flea markets; the average buyer on these markets expects good deals, yet does not need the same type of goods to be sold month after month by the same vendors. For that reason, closeout merchandize regularly finds its way to eBay, where everyone becomes a winner.

Disadvantages of closeout merchandize

close out merchandizeOn the other hand, there are also some drawbacks in purchasing closeout merchandize, including the possibility of getting merchandize that is of low quality, and secondly, limited stock.

Firstly, you will realize that when you buy closeout merchandize, there’s often limited availability of a given line of merchandize or specific type of product. Because of these product fluctuations, it becomes hard to make your inventory stable when you stock closeout merchandize.

If you’re a buyer of closeout wares, it is important to be careful about the chances of buying merchandize that is irregular, has flaws or one with low resale value. This is more likely with goods that have been returned.

You can get around such scenarios by working with closeout dealers with good reputation.

You may also want to physically go and inspect the merchandize; and therefore, geographical location may be a key deciding factor when you’re deciding to purchase closeout merchandize.

How do you identify credible closeout dealers?

If you don’t have experience buying closeout merchandize, how do you identify what to buy and from whom? How do you find liquidation suppliers that can help you build your business?

Well, there are a couple of wholesale auction sites (like out there where you can start your search. What you want to do first is obtain price information of the hottest selling items using one of the many research tools, such as HammerTap3.

So, go ahead and make the most of closeout deals as you can.

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