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Bump Up Your Sales With Bump Auctions

bump up your online salesEvery eBay seller is looking for ways to increase sales. One of the best ways you can increase coverage for your auctions is through Bump Auction websites.

Bump auction websites allow sellers on eBay to instantly upload their auctions on to the site and the bump auction script on the site will expose the auctions.

The best part is that this advertising is at no cost at all to the seller. Auction websites earn money through referral fees collected when a user buys an item through the auction link.

This is an excellent win-win situation for both the seller and the auction site. The more the auction gets promoted, the more traffic it will receive and therefore this translates into higher net sales.

How Bump Auctions work

On each of these websites is a clear guide on how to bump your auctions. The good thing is that almost all bump auction websites work the same way – because they use a similar script – so it’s pretty much the same process on all websites.

To upload your auction, you need to have your auction image and information ready, and then the rest is just to click on the free bump auction link on the bump auction website and upload.

Note that bump auction sites allow most types of images except bitmap (.bmp) – they are not compatible. For the title, you’re better off using your eBay ad description.

Special characters are not allowed in the title, else your bump may fail to work, let alone being pulled down. Use a good description for your image to improve your SEO chances. You need to make sure that the image you select is the right one because once you’ve selected, you cannot change it. You will only be allowed three bump auctions at a time on most bump auction websites, so you need to adhere to these rules so that you don’t get banned.

One other thing you need to know is that bump auction websites receive high amounts of traffic so you need to keep visiting as often as possible; older ads get ‘bumped off’ as newer ads come in. Of course, the more auction sites you submit to, the more exposure you will get.

What you need to upload your auction

To upload your auction, there are three pieces of information you must have.

The first is the image. It is better to rename your image with a descriptive file name that reflects the item you’re selling before you upload it to the auction site. This is a SEO strategy.

The second thing is a name for your auction, and lastly, the eBay item number. Keep your auction image in a safe place on your computer so that it can be easily retrieved.

Bumping is really that easy. Apart from the main bump feature, there are lots of other featured bumps you can explore, for instance Jewelry, Car, Art, Antiques, Real Estate, Classified, among others.

So, go ahead and bump your auctions on the over 30 bump auction websites out there and see your sales shoot through the roof.

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