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All About Selling Coupons on eBay

guide to selling coupons on ebayDid you know that you can make money selling coupons on eBay? While you certainly won’t become a millionaire doing this, it’s a great way to earn extra money with little effort.

Almost everyone has received a free coupon via mail at some point. Other people receive free coupons quite often.

You realize that most of the time, you simply toss them because they are of items or brands that you don’t use. That’s a big mistake.

A simple eBay search for ‘coupon’ or ‘product check’ on the completed items feature will quickly reveal the complete story.

How to collect coupons

The first place you want to check is your mail box. Then after, go online and look for websites where you can register and, free coupons will be sent to you by manufacturers. A mere Google search for ‘free coupons’ will return lots of useful links.

Manufacturers’ websites are the best places to source for free coupons. If you land on a site that asks for any kind of fee, leave it; it’s probably a scam. There are hundreds of sites where you can print out free coupons.

You can also check in your Sunday paper or any magazine. Remember to ask your friends and neighbors for the coupons they won’t be using. Local coupons are fine but are a bit had to sell off. Source for national coupons where possible.

How to sell coupons on eBay

how to sell coupons on ebayWhile profit margins on coupons are very slim, they seem to be one of the few items that always sell with ease. So, the more and faster you collect, the better.

Firstly, every eBay user gets five free auctions per month so you need to make sure you get some mileage out of that. Also, note that an auction with $1 as starting price costs only 15 cents so, seller fees are pretty manageable.

It’s important to note that manufacturers bar any person from selling coupons and therefore coupons contain wording that prohibits their sale. Ebay is well aware of this and requires sellers to explain, in their auction listings, that the winning bidder is paying for the time and effort it took to collect and organize the coupons, rather than the actual coupon. Failure to state this leads to your auction being deleted by eBay.

When you’ve collected your coupons, it’s time to list them. Ensure you peruse eBay regulations on coupons. Most sellers like to sell them in multiples of the same coupon, like 20 or more.

You will realize that 12 to 15 coupon lots generally go for the same amount as 20 coupon lots. You will also want to include all the coupon specification in your auction listing (such as exclusions, expiration date, and the like).

You don’t necessarily have to sell your coupons as lots of the same copy; you can also sell them as an assortment, in which case you’d be better off bundling them in lots of 100.

One last important thing: you will want to ensure that the buyer receives the coupon when they can still use it. If they receive an expired coupon, it may not do well for your feedback.

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