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Alibaba Scam – True Or Not scamAlibaba a safe place to trade online? A simple Google search will paint a clearer picture; you will quickly discover that there are all sorts of information about dubious sellers, and buyers who have lost money.

So, yes, it is true. Here's some points to take note about when you are sourcing to start an online business.

If you don’t want to be a victim of a scam, shun fake products. A fake product is basically a counterfeit copy of an original product and brand name.

For instance, a fake Apple iPod with an Apple logo is a counterfeit. If a fake item has no logo, most times, you can resell it without any issues.

A lot of people around the world are crazy about Apple products because they are immensely popular. Certain individuals from China are well too aware of this and have capitalized on the popularity of Apple products to sell counterfeits.

They apparently succeed because they sell them at fairly cheaper prices. Stories abound on many online forums where people tell of being scammed on Alibaba, where dubious sellers maraud the site with cheap Chinese counterfeits of original brands.

At times, you may never receive the product. A seller requests you to send the money through Western Union and once you’ve sent it, you never hear from them again.

When you visit the Western Union website, you will quickly learn for a fact that this money transfer company was established to send money only to family members and the people you know well. It is not a payment method for business.

If you, unfortunately, sent money through Western Union and discovered later that you’re actually a victim of a scam, there’s nothing the company can do for you. This becomes your problem and yours alone.

You’ll also realize that would-be scammers usually sell popular electronics, like notebooks, laptops, phones and the like, at really low prices. In fact, they can go for prices up to five times cheaper. A typical case is where a buyer finds an item that is four or five times cheaper than the original.

Naturally, they will feel that they’ve nailed a terrific deal and may even be able to earn more money off it. However, reality soon dawns on them and they discover it was a scam. The only cheap thing from china doesn’t have a logo!

Let’s look at some common scenarios

buying new shoes supplierThere is a pair of very cheap Nike sneakers you’ve found and you think you can resell it on eBay for a descent profit. So you go ahead and contact the seller and he seems to be fine with it. What can really happen next?

One of two things can: The items are seized by customs people after being found to be illegal products, then they are destroyed and you end up with nothing. The second, and worse scenario, is that Nike nets you and sues you in court, in which case you could go to jail or pay compensation to Nike, which might not be small.

You go to and look for a good supplier of Apple Macbook Pro laptops. You make a payment through western union because that’s the only payment method they accept, and that is it. Why is that, because there are no real Apple products made in China.

Such examples lead to people believing that Alibaba scam people. However, this is not true. Nonetheless, it can really be dangerous and you have to be sure of what you’re doing.

Simply shun selling fake products.

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