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A Secret eBay Feedback Generator To Increase Your Rating

how to get customers to give you feedback on ebayIf you’re an eBay seller, then you already know how important feedback is. If your feedback score is good, you will be able to sell at higher prices, customers will find it easy to trust you and, more importantly, you will attract more customers and therefore increase sales.

As things stand currently on the giant auction site, it is almost impossible to close any sale if you have zero feedback.

Therefore, if you’re an aspiring eBay seller, it is important that you understand that people who buy on eBay take the feedback system very seriously. It is basically the best way a customer can rate a seller and make a decision to make a purchase. That explains why knowing the secret behind the feedback generator is of utmost importance.

A lot of people have the impression that the best sellers on eBay (those with high feedback score) provide better service, are more kind, earn more money and ship faster.

While it’s not necessarily true that sellers with more feedback provide better service, the truth is that they make more sales than those with less feedback. For instance, if you list the same item – using a similar description, title and pictures – on two different accounts that have different feedback scores, the results will be different.

The importance of building trust on eBay is crucial for a long term success in your online venture.

eBay feedback

Feedback is basically a description of a buyer’s experience about a concluded transaction posted on the seller’s page. Likewise, a seller leaves a his own experience with the buyer. Generally, from that point, each party’s experience is important, as well as what each thinks about the other.

Sellers on eBay cannot leave negative feedback for buyers – some sort of retaliatory attack – therefore most of the time, buyers leave an honest account of their experience with the seller because the seller will not be able to reciprocate in a negative way.

feedback on ebayWhat you need to understand is that it takes time to build your feedback from nothing because some buyers will not leave it, and some times, the shipping may take longer than anticipated (you don’t have an idea as to how long to wait before the buyer gets their purchase).

Some eBay statistics have indicated that only 35 to 40 percent of buyers leave positive feedback after receiving their order, and about 60 percent do leave positive feedback only after the seller has posted theirs.

That clearly shows that most buyers don’t leave feedback.  Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be that hard to get feedback on eBay; you just need to know how.

Let's look at some tips.

Generating an eBay feedback from buying

You can only get feedback in two ways: sell or buy something.

That’s the simplest and fastest way to get feedback because there’s a multitude of items you can choose to buy from. Just ensure that whatever you buy is above $1.

Buy something that you’re going to use or an item you use every day – DVD, candies, accessories, anything you want.

After paying for the item, wait until you receive it and then give the seller positive feedback. You can receive over 50 feedback in just two weeks just from buying. 

Use this technique to build feedback on eBay.

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easy auction business