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A Dropshipping Service Offering Product Sourcing & Profit Making Solutions

service provider for dropshippingFor a lot of eBay businesses, dropshipping provides a great opportunity to grow your business and make money without any huge investment and little or no risk.

But to make it work, you need to find a dropshipping wholesaler that can provide the right products, at the right prices, with the right service for you and your customers.

Even the best dropshippers sometimes have issues with out of stock products, or delayed shipping, so how do you go about finding a reliable dropshipping service that can make you money?

Not all dropshippers are the same, so the answer could be to look for a different type of dropshipper. is an organization that offers product sourcing and profit making solutions to eBay and other ecommerce businesses, but in a different way to the majority of dropshippers out there.


There website advertises "the next generations of dropshipping" which to a certain extent is true as they are actually a retail dropshipper.

How does this work? Well, you still get access to millions of products, many of them leading brand names, at prices that can be up to 65% less than normal retail.

However, the suppliers that Simplx have partnered with are not wholesalers for these products, they are big, well-known retailers that you'll find in most cities.

Essentially, when you join Simplx, you become and agent for these retailers. You promote their products for them and when you make a sale, the retailer ships the item to the customer, and pays you a commission of up to 8% off the sale.

It's quite a different way of working compared to many of the dropshipping services out there, and its very similar to the affiliate marketing schemes run by companies like Amazon.

Simplx is different. It offers a lot of opportunity and the potential to make a healthy profit on your sales. For a start, you are getting access to the kind of branded items customers want to buy, often below the normal retail price.

Anyone who uses other dropshipping services knows how hard it can be to get genuine branded names at discounted prices.

business man with airplane transportYou're selling current items from major retailers, so you are going to have fewer issues without items being out of stock, and you know that they are going to be reliable when it comes to getting the right item to your customer, on time.

Working with suppliers like these, and having access to their catalogue of branded products, gives you an advantage over other sellers who have to make do with selling unbranded products, or branded items sourced with the tiniest of margins.

If you look on the internet, you can see that some sellers have had issues with Simplx, but this is mostly because they haven't understood how Simplx works.

There has been some criticism that rather than an exclusive list of wholesale suppliers, Simplx just directs you to retailers' online stores that are accessible by anyone.

This is true, but the power of Simplx is in the agreements they have negotiated with these retailers, to pay a commission on every sale Simplx members make, not to mention the exclusive discounts you'll have access to.

Simplx is different to other dropshipping services, but once you understand how it works, it's easy to see how supplying a wide range of branded goods from reliable retailers, could be very profitable opportunity.

Simplx also offers a range of memberships options, support and training to suit your needs, and with a 7 day free trail option and a money back guarantee, you can see if the next generation of dropshipping works for you without any risk.

Do you think Simplx sounds like a great system, but you're still a little unsure of what to sell?

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