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9 Vital Statistics for Tracking Site Traffic

tracking traffic with analyticsAnyone who runs an online business can tell you how important website traffic is. Making profit online starts with attracting traffic to your website, and then converting it to real sales.

The beauty with an online business is that you can easily determine all aspects of incoming business – such as the keywords your customers search for most, where they come from, which pages on your site they spend much time on, and many other aspects.

With these data, you can put to profitable use by improving your service and product quality, let alone increasing traffic.

On the other hand, it is not easy to obtain such data and analysis in a traditional business setting.

For an e-commerce site, this data is already logged in your weblog and you can easily access it through your host. You can even make things simpler – and better – by using an analytics tool from the many that are available on the internet. An analytics tool not only retrieves the data, it also suggests possible courses of action in form of an informative analysis.

After you’ve set up an analytics tool for your website traffic, all you have to do next is look out for some key statistics. We’ll look at nine of the vital statistics to watch out for:

• Number of unique visitors: this refers to the number of non-repeat visitors coming to your website. This represents the potential market opportunity that you need to devise ways for to convert into real customers.

understanding your website traffic• Number of page views: this statistic will clearly show your how popular a particular webpage is. You can strategically use that page to place links that you want to link back to the specific place you think will convert into profits.

• Search terms: these are the most commonly used search terms by visitors to your site and similar websites. When you know the search phrases relating to your business that are most used by visitors, you can use those key words to your benefit.

• Referrers: this information is useful for you to identify the websites that refer the highest number of visitors to your site. This can help you to increase your presence by looking for similar websites and linking to them.

• Entry pages: this is the very first page where a visitor lands and it is completely different from a home page. You therefore need to give it extra thought because it can determine whether or not a visitor proceeds to your domain.

• Rate of bouncing: if there are visitors who leave your website in less than 10 seconds, what could be the cause? Find out how many and do and why.

• Exit pages: find out which items are a turn-off for potential customers. You surely would want to know this and know it as soon as possible.

• Visits by hour: it is very important to trend on visiting hours because it acts as guidance when building strategies for your campaigns.

• Visits by country: this data helps you know the country where the bulk of your visitors come from. You can then use this to customize accordingly.

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