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7 Key Differences Between Rich and Poor People

rich and poor people mindsetIn today's article, we take a short break away from discussing eBay selling tips or strategies on how to sell online. Instead, we will talk about the secrets in behaviour between rich and poor people.

1) The mentality of the rich

The mindset that the rich have versus the mindset of what poor people possess is paramount to the direction of where they are heading financially.

A rich person will maintain a positive outlook on obstacles and problems that they face, and the poor will look for excuses and blame. This is mostly the difference between the positive thinker and a negative one.

2) How they leverage themselves

Rich people will look for ways that they can leverage other people to do the majority of the groundwork.

This might sound a little negative; as though the rich person is getting others to do the hard work for them, but as the old saying goes: it is better to be in charge of 500 ants than it is to be in charge of 5 wasps.

3) The peer group

A rich man's peer group will differ greatly from that of a poor man's. A rich person will surround themselves with motivated, knowledge people who inspire them. Rich people also offer themselves plenty of opportunities to network with others who may be of assistance to them at some stage.

Poor people on the other hand, often surround themselves with negative people who tend to drag them down and contribute to their poverty through their poor attitude.

4) Saving money

saving moneyPeople who save money are much more likely to save money, which will help them succeed in the future. Many wealthy people insist on saving 10% of the salary.

This money can be used for investments later, and will make them good returns on their initial investment. Poor people on the other hand, tend to live week-to-week. They get paid, they spend all of their money, and have none put away for an emergency or for bettering their financial situation.

5) Goal setting

A study has found that goals are a huge factor in determining the direction of where a person needs to go. Rich people will set goals and keep them in a place where they are actively trying to achieve them. Meanwhile, poor people will set goals irregularly and wonder why they never accomplish them.

6) Following your passion

Usually the way in which people get rich in the first place is because they had a drive for their passion and weren't willing to settle for less.

Poor people have passions as well but do not have the endurance to pursue their passions through all the hurdles that they have to go through.

7) Making decisions

Making fast and clear decisions is a foundation of both life and business. When a rich person is confronted with an issue or a problem, they will assess the situation and make a decision right then based on the information that they have.

Poor people will either allow other people to make the decisions for them or try to avoid the decision-making process altogether.

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