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7 Great Ways to Automate your Online Auction Business

ebay automationEvery successful eBay seller finds a way to streamline their online auction business. Tracking and monitoring your auctions can be time consuming.

The best way to make sure that you are providing exceptional customer service to your prospects, keeping your ratings positive, and running your business efficiently is to automate.

Here are 7 ways that you can automate your online auction business to see better results.

1) Sign up for instant alerts when you have activity on your auction. These alerts will let you know that a prospective buyer is paying attention to your auction and has either placed a bid or has a question for you.

You can review and evaluate that information. In the end you will get back to people more quickly and show how serious you are about your business.

2) If your online auction business is large you should make sure that you have a separate email account for any information you may receive. This way, you can save, categorize, and keep track of everything happening on no matter where you are located.

3) Consider using the eBay listing software such as Auctiva. What is very unique about this software compared to others out there is that is interfaced with eBay itself because it was created by their development team.

The software allows you to link, coordinate, and organize your online auction business quickly and efficiently. It has proven to be very reliable and hugely time-saving for sellers.

4) Sign up for shipment tracking services. When you do sell products it is very easy to ensure that they are getting from you and your buyer if you using automated tracking services to sell 100s of products.

There are very affordable shipping methods available that allow you and your customer to track where their shipment is. Save yourself time and excessive emails by making shipment tracking part of your eBay auction business.

5) Take advantage of the eBay Selling Manager program ( This is free for all eBay users.

This program will help you organize your auctions, store, and provide you with helpful suggestions to make your online auction business run and operate more smoothly. It is ideal for medium sized online auction businesses.

6) Link all your information together. This will save you endless hours of wasted time because everything will go to one spot regarding your eBay activity.

Just imagine how much easier it is to track, manage, and grow your business when you are focused on the details one from one central spot. The amount of time you save will increase your per hour of work profit base.

Automating your online auction business is an essential step if you want to be a successful eBay business person. It is the first step that will show customers that you are serious about your business and pay very close attention to it.

Just imagine how favorable you will look with quick responses, instant information, and customer service compared to the eBay auctioneer who does not automate.

There is a good chance that you will have answers and a rapport developed before the other person even responds. When you see those benefits the decision to automate becomes automatic!

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