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7 Fantastic eBay Automation Tools

ebay automation toolsUsing tools to run your eBay business can make it much more efficient. There are some fantastic tools out there that are designed specifically to address the needs of today's eBay seller.

They save you time, streamline processes, and increase your customer satisfaction (and subsequently, feedback + improve seller ratings).

For serious eBay sellers, one of the biggest advantages of using automation tools is that it frees up some of your precious time and allows you to take care of more important tasks like reaching out to more buyers.

There are plenty of third-party applications that have been built by companies from all over the world.

Here are my top 6 favorites;

1) ShipSaver Insurance

* Huge discounts over USPS and UPS

* Offers insurance for First Class International shipments

* Ability to add insurance in bulk

* Claims are done completely online

* No standing in line at the Post Office


2) AfterBuy Message Manager

This tool allows you to save time spent on answering buyer post-sale emails. It uses a dynamic template-based system which generates automatic answers for buyers.

Many eBay sellers wouldn't be without this tool! Prices range from free for 100 messages per month, right up to $199.90 for PowerSellers who need more than 5,000 email responses per month.

3) Froo! Bulk Revision

This allows you to change your live auctions in bulk and automates your eBay listings. No matter how many live listings you have, revising prices, descriptions, and quantities can be a painstaking task, but revising a listing can sometimes make the difference between a closed sale and a lost opportunity.

4) Outright

If you hate bookkeeping as much as I do, then you'll love Outright! Outright puts your accounting on auto pilot and tracks all your costs and profits to get you prepped and ready for your annual taxes.

Here's a snapshot of what Outright can do:

* Automatically import your eBay sales and expenses, including all listing, final value and PayPal fees.

* Track all of your business deductions, including the purchase cost of your products.

* Create instant reportslet you see how much money  you are making, who your best customers are and where  you are spending the most money.

* Pay your estimated taxes on time and get organized for end of year taxes.

5) Price Spectre.

automation softwares for ebayPrice Spectre is all about keeping you ahead of the competition by making sure you have the most favorable prices on eBay.

Think of Price Spectre as paparazzi for your competitors; it never lets them out of it's site and always knows what they are doing.

If Price Spectre finds a seller with the same item as you, but at a cheaper fixed price, it will let you know and automatically update your listings to make sure buyers come to you!

6) Vzaar Video

Vzaar hosts and streams video for sellers looking to improve the quality of their listings. Whether you want to show the products you sell in greater detail or explain in person the range of items you sell, adding video to your listings is simple and easy to do with vzaar.

* Upload your video to vzaar from My eBay
* Customizeyour video player
* Select which listing(s) you wish to add the video to

With these great tools, there should be no reason that you can't start to automate those tasks that are taking forever for you to do.

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