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5 Things to Take Note When Looking For Dropshippers

beware of things about dropshippersDrop shipping as a means of selling goods has been around for quite some time but only known perhaps in other names.

It involves contacting another company – the drop shipper – to store and provide the goods that you will be selling.

Should you have orders, all you have to do is inform the company about it and they will be the ones to pack and ship the product.

Now, looking for quality drop shippers is something that has to be done thoroughly and with care. Just like shopping, you have to meticulously look into details before closing a deal with the company so that you can be sure that you will truly make a profit out of it.

If you are considering the idea of using this method of selling items then here are the top 5 things to take note when looking for drop shippers.

1) Legal

You would definitely not want to be involved with any business that is not running legally. Before saying yes and accepting their agreement, be sure to check if their papers are complete. You can determine if a drop shipping company is licensed and registered by checking their tax identification number.

2) Products

The products that the drop shipping company has in their stocks are one of the important things to take note when looking for drop shippers. It is recommended to go for those that have niche products as items belonging to a single category will be much easier to sell.

This is because it would be much easier for you to draw the attention of a targeted audience compared to when you try attracting all sorts of clients. It is also another recommendation to sell items that interest you or that you are knowledgeable about since it would be much easier to provide effective descriptions as well as answer to questions and queries.

3) Prices

things to look out for when getting a supplierThe pricing is another important factor to consider when looking for a drop shipping company. You would want to avoid those that have MAP pricing in them or those who sell goods with suggested retail prices. Getting the products below that price would be impossible and you would not be able to make a profit out of it if you decide to sell it.

4) Fees

Does the drop shipping company you are eyeing for ask payment for such exorbitant fees? They may not be such a good choice. Look for one that keeps their registration fees at a minimum. You surely would not want to be losing your profits just to pay these fees, right?

5) Quality

The quality of products should always be guaranteed by a good drop shipping company. However, there may be times that they would tend to overlook small flaws and defects but your customer might want to get their money back when they find out that the items that they just bought are defective.

If you do not want to end up incurring all the losses, be sure that the drop shipping company that you are eyeing for provides money back guarantees during such situations.

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