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4 Top Sources of Free Business Ideas

business ideasThere are thousands of business ideas out there and guess what, they are pretty cheap. The fact is most of them are lukewarm – or else their owners wouldn’t make them so cheap, let alone not use them.

What you need is not ideas alone; you need brilliant ideas. Ideas that create more ideas.

In this article we’ll look at some four sources of good ideas to start a business, all free. There are two main reasons that make these sources stand out:

• Ideas that are made known are actual business models. They profit from publishing ideas – that’s their profitable idea.

• The ideas are real functioning businesses, not just mere chance lists.

So now let’s go straight to number one:

1. Business Opportunities Weblog Network

This is an absolute gem. Created by Dane Carlson, this network is literally flooded with ideas. To be exact, there are over 18,000. Initially, 10 to 40 ideas were being posted each month in its early days but the number has shot up to an incredible 200 to 300 a month.

Your creative ideas should indeed get flowing on this site – or else they will never come to life.

2. Uncommon business

Uncommon business is another site worth mention – ‘Unusual Business Ideas That Work’. Equally centered on unique and thought-provoking ideas, Uncommon Business has been publishing exciting ideas for over four years. And they are not simply lists of conceivable ideas; they are news reports of businesses that are profitable and functioning.

According to Uncommon Business themselves, their blog is about individuals who earn money online selling stuff that is not common, weird and at times outright bizarre or provide unusual services. What’s more, there are URLs provided for you to prove that these are working businesses.


how to get started on a businessThis one is a bit newer than the two ‘veterans’ above but nevertheless seems like a much promising site. There are three criteria you can use to search – industry, investment and location.

Most of the ideas here are packages for sale. However, the website itself is free so you can enjoy browsing through stuff that’s available. It is one good way to observe trends and different views.

According to the website, they assert that they aim at being the leading place for sourcing business opportunities, licensee opportunities, distributorships, and smaller franchises customized to your particular needs.

4. – the business opportunity section

In the business industry, is a powerhouse. Their business opportunities section is quite detailed. The opportunities section is split into categories and the categories are further split up into segments. In each of the categories, you can find information on estimates of start-up costs and a number of franchise companies in those particular niches, in addition to numerous ‘How To’ articles.

These free sources of business ideas should offer a good starting point for any entrepreneurial mind out there. While good ideas can be a good point to take off, it really takes an entrepreneurial spirit to successfully actualize them. Remember, ideas are not stagnant; they must evolve to avoid becoming irrelevant.

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