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10 Ways a Facebook Fan Page Helps Your Business

facebook fanpage for ebay businessesIf you want to build an online presence for your business, you may want to consider a Facebook fan page. Many people make the blunder of underestimating the power of social networking platforms and only realize when the competition has left them miles.

Just like an email address, a Facebook fan page is as important for reaching out to a wider audience online.

In the US alone, one out of every four clicks on the internet is on Facebook and, it’s no surprise that it is soon outpacing the top search engines as the method of choice for attracting new business leads.

People are especially fond of the like/dislike feature that Facebook has successfully integrated into the entire framework of the web, and the Facebook fan page is one of the easiest ways to tap into that network to the benefit of your business.

Here are ten ways a Facebook fan page can help your business:

1. A Facebook fan page gives your customers – and potential customers – direct access to your business. It basically enables your business get a new face to the world. The beauty with Facebook pages is that they can be accessed by the general public, unlike member pages.

2. A Facebook fan page is an excellent source of free traffic for your ebay business. You can easily channel all that traffic to your website because Facebook has no restrictions barring you from doing it. Facebook traffic is especially useful because that’s where most people first get to learn about your business.

using facebook for marketing3.  A fan page helps you save on costs of hiring a dedicated SEO expert or company because the major search engines fully trust the Facebook site.

4. With a Facebook fan page, you can engage your industry community without paying a single coin. A lot of people trust Facebook as an information hub and many of those who may be searching for a service or product related to your business can easily find your fan page and take part in any promotions you may be having at that particular time.

5. A Facebook fan page enables you to hear directly from your customers. Since people love direct communications without inconveniences of middlemen, this helps you to easily customize your product or service.

6. Since most people look to Facebook for new information and business ideas, a Facebook fan page can help you enhance your customer relations almost instantly. A Facebook fan page adds a layer of effectiveness for your business.

7. A Facebook fan page is an excellent medium for your product or service to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers, which can go a long way to getting you new customers and getting repeat customers to your ebay listings.

8. Because it is a social network and people generally speak their minds, people are more likely to give honest feedback about your service than they would at your website. As you might be aware, people are more expressive on social networks than on private forums.

9. There are return on investment metrics built into the Facebook website.

10.  Above all, Facebook is a totally free platform.

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